Keep Your Name on Their Minds
With Imprinted Promotional Items!

Do you have a company event coming up in the near future?  Are you looking to thank your customers or employees with a token of appreciation?  Or are you simply looking for a creative promotional item to advertise your business?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, let JAMprint designs provide you with custom and creative promotional ideas to boost sales and increase profits.

JAMprint designs offers the highest level of expertise.  Years of experience and reliability can be at your disposal by partnering with our agency.  We are a full-service ad specialty agency affiliated with hundreds of manufacturers.

Our goal is to “keep your name on their minds with imprinted promotional items.”  We can imprint your name or message on almost any type of item.  From magnetic signs for the top or side of cars and trucks, pens and stationery, embroidered shirts and bags, calendars and mugs, you name it…we can supply it in time for your event.

Specialty Advertising fits into any advertising budget, compliments other media, and remains with the target audience to repeat the message without added cost each time the promotional item is used.

BE VISIBLE! with imprinted promotional items.  Unlike other forms of advertising, your name and message stays with your target audience and repeats the message without added cost each time the product is used.


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Ad Bag

The Magnet Group

High Caliber Line

Aakron Rule



Chocolate Inn

Sabina- Mugs



Towel Specialties

Shirts, hats, outerwear and more

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